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Poster: Razzilla Date: Aug 19, 2009 3:45pm
Forum: oldtimeradio Subject: Numbered series

I was wondering where this one would be found in the directory... I haven't found this one out yet.. Since this one started with a number instead of a letter...I thought it would be under T (as in Ten)...and was wrong... Then I checked the Rs and again nothing... Then I checked the Ds (just in case it was listed under Dr. Pepper)...again finding nothing...

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Poster: OTRRArchive Date: Oct 30, 2009 5:07am
Forum: oldtimeradio Subject: Re: Numbered series

Adding various Keywords to a page (separate the different Keywords with a semicolon ; ) can help people with searching for something -- especially adding multiple keywords with various different spellings. For series with a number in the title, use both the numeric version (i.e. "21st Precinct") and the spelled out version ("Twenty First Precinct").

Different people use the "Browse by Subject/Keyword" page in different ways -- try also creating keywords for your title both with and without a leading "The", for example "The Daredevils of Hollywood" and "Daredevils of Hollywood, The". Also use common names of series in addition to the actual name of the series (i.e. "Adventures of Philip Marlowe" as well as "Philip Marlowe"). Plus, use various common spellings of words (i.e. "Phillip Marlowe" and "Philip Marlowe") as well as "First Name Last Name" and "Last Name, First Name" combinations.

And then there are character names, star names, genres, broadcast years, etc -- a whole host of other types of keywords that can be added to a page. Plus other fun stuff (i.e. "Dum Dee Dum Dum")... Lots of different possibilities!